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Exciting new surgical technique to excise non-palpable breast cancers

An exciting new breast cancer localisation technique is being introduced in Warwickshire to help remove breast cancers that cannot be felt, such as those picked up early on a mammogram.

Traditionally a guidewire is inserted into the breast prior to the operation to locate the abnormal area and guide the surgeon during the lump removal. A new state-of-the-art technology using a tiny magnetic seed (the size of a grain of rice) can be used instead of a wire in some cases.

This offers several advantages, such as being more convenient for patients by avoiding the need for a wire, and also helps facilitate COVID-safe pathways for patients, as the seed can be placed before any pre-operative shielding period begins.

Mr Robertson is leading on introducing this exciting new technology locally, along with his radiology and multidisciplinary breast team colleagues.