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Breast Aesthetic Surgery

Breast Aesthetic Surgery

If you feel uncomfortable with your breast appearance you may have considered aesthetic surgery.

It is really important that you consider all the options, potential risks, and outcomes. Mr Robertson can provide a confidential consultation to discuss your requirements and expectations.

As a breast specialist, Mr Robertson can offer breast reduction, breast augmentation, breast implant exchange or removal, breast lift, and nipple eversion surgeries. He can also offer surgery for men with breast enlargement (gynaecomastia).

At your clinic appointment, it is important to understand your hopes and expectations, and discuss the short and longer term risks, to help have realistic expectations and understand whether surgery might be the correct choice for you.


Breast Reduction

Breast reduction reduces the size of the breast, usually providing a lift at the same time. This can be performed for aesthetic purposes (to improve breast size and shape), or as part of cancer surgery (to remove a breast tumour at the same time as improving size and shape, or sometimes for symmetry to help match the other breast). A reduction may help to improve some of the difficult symptoms that can accompany a very large breast size, such as back problems, fungal infections in the fold underneath the breast (intertrigo), and bra straps cutting in. The scars from a breast reduction usually go around the pigmented areola skin around the nipple, often with a vertical extension inferiorly (lollipop scar), and sometimes a scar along the inferior breast fold (infra-mammary fold) underneath the breast for a bigger reduction (anchor shape scar). Mr Robertson has a particular interest in breast reduction surgery, and can discuss which approaches might be most suitable for your situation, along with the associated considerations with each.

Breast Lift

A breast lift is also called a mastopexy. This may be suitable for very droopy (ptotic) breasts, where the nipple is lifted to a higher location, and the breast tissue can be reshaped. This can also be used to help improve projection, by bringing some of the ptotic breast tissue up behind the nipple during the lift. There are various approaches available, and this may be performed for purely aesthetic purposes, or sometimes as part of cancer surgery to help remove tumours / hide scars / help match the other side etc.

Breast Augmentation

This is where the breast size is enlarged, and the breast shape can be altered, usually through insertion of a breast implant. This can be done for purely aesthetic / cosmetic purposes, or for breast reconstruction. Mr Robertson can discuss the different implant shapes, surfaces, and pocket locations available with you, along with the advantages and disadvantages of each. He will also outline the nature of the different surgeries, and the associated considerations and risks (both short and long-term) with each so you can decide whether it would be the correct choice for your needs.

Breast implant exchange or removal (+/- breast capsule surgery)

Breast implants may sometimes require exchanging or removing (for example if there was a leaking implant, or a tight capsule had developed around the implant over time). Implants can be removed and replaced with new ones (implant exchange), along with surgery to the capsule if required (excising the capsule, or incising the capsule to release it). Some patients may also benefit from considering a breast lift at the same time as implant exchange, if there are concerns the breasts might be too ptotic (droopy) after the implants are removed.

Nipple inversion surgery

It is estimated that nipple inversion may affect around 10% of the population. If the nipple inversion is new, it is important to get this checked out and Mr Robertson can offer this assessment. If there is no underlying disease causing it, then no further action is required, but Mr Robertson can offer surgery to evert the nipple again, which can usually be performed as a short day case procedure, either under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic depending on your preference.


This is benign breast enlargement in men. As a breast specialist, Mr Robertson is able to assess you for this and he begins by looking for possible causes, along with checking for other disease such as breast cancer. If an underlying cause for the enlargement can be found, gynaecomastia may be reversible without needing any surgery. However, in some cases the enlargement may cause pain or distress, sometimes affecting relationships or quality of life, and some men may consider surgery. A range of different surgical approaches can be discussed, along with the expectations and risks with each.

Accessory nipple removal

Some people have an additional nipple known as “accessory” or   “supernumary” nipples. They are a common variation of normal development. Whilst not harmful, some patients wish to have them removed. Mr Robertson can perform this as a short procedure, usually under local anaesthetic.

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