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For insured patients, we are registered with most health insurance companies and are fully fee-assured. Please phone your insurance company to check your policy cover and seek authorisation prior to your consultation.

For patients choosing to self-fund their care, prices are listed below. Please note that only the consultation fees are set and charged by the consultant.  All other fees (including investigation fees and procedure fees) are set and charged by the hospital itself.  Some patients may require subsequent follow up consultation(s) in addition to the initial consultation, depending on the nature of their attendance, or if investigations are performed, or surgery planned.

We kindly request that self-funding patients pay ahead of their consultation, and for Mr Robertson this can be via online bank transfer or credit card, by phoning Michelle Huxley on 01926 436342 or emailing

Consultation Fees 

For patients who are are not insured, the following consultation fees will apply:

Initial consultation fee  £220

Follow up consultation fee  £150



You may be required to undergo some investigations. For insured patients, breast assessment imaging +/- needle core biopsy are often included as standard in the cover, but please check with your insurance company what is covered on your policy.  For self-funding patients, guideline prices are provided below and are charged separately by the hospital itself (and are not included in the consultation fee). The imaging department (tel: 01926 436323) will advise you of the price on request (prices correct at time of publication but are subject to change).  If you wish any investigations to be performed on the National Health Service, this can be arranged but there is likely to be a delay as re-referral by your GP is now required.

Mammogram £239

Breast ultrasound  £314

Breast ultrasound plus needle biopsy  £612

Fine needle aspiration  £399

Breast MRI scan £757

Staging CT body scan  £887

Breast Surgery   

The surgical procedure prices shown below are guideline package prices to include all your care, including surgeon fee, anaesthetist fee, hospital fees, and follow up care. Consultation fees prior to the operation are not included in this package price and have separate fees as detailed above. The procedure prices shown are for guidance only. They may differ between hospitals, or depending on the complexity of the operation, and are subject to change. The hospital can provide you with a full personalised quote on enquiry.


Bilateral breast augmentation £6424

Bilateral breast reduction  £7085

Unilateral breast reduction  £4741

Bilateral breast lift (mastopexy) £6358

Unilateral breast lift £4519

Bilateral breast implant exchange (plus capsulectomy) £7322

Bilateral nipple inversion surgery £3058

Unilateral nipple inversion surgery £2327

Areola reduction £2747

Mastectomy for gynaecomastia (bilateral) £4633

Mastectomy for gynaecomastia (unilateral). £3328

Lipofilling (bilateral) £4555

Lipofilling (unilateral) £3073

Skin lesion excision  £911

Lipoma excision £2090